Dr. Cengiz ERSEZEN is a respected surgeon in the field of plastic surgery and has been performing surgical procedures for 33 years. He began his surgical career in Istanbul Medical Faculty and has since performed such procedures on many high profile people including socialities and celebrities. His level of expertise has been so highly recognised that he has been featured in many newspapers and magazines.

     Surgeries performed in well equipped state of the art local hospitals, or in the clinic facilities of Dr. Ersezen for minor operations and as well as standart and cosmetic dentistry.

     Dr. Ersezen's stylish private clinic is based in the very prestigious ''Bagdat Caddesi'' area of Istanbul which can be only likened to ''Harley St. meets Bond St.' 'as this is the most exclusive street of Istanbul, which boasts top designer stores,beauty salons and bistro restaurants.His private clinic also accommodates dentistry by Dt. Emel Ersezen.